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Often times, we tend to blame our problems on loved ones, co-workers or unforeseen circumstances.

How shocking to find out that we have a part in virtually everything!

Accounting for our actions and proceeding from there is the best recipe for sobriety success.


Admitting to yourself that “I have a problem” is the initial step to recovery.

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Colloquially referred to as “rehab”, most treatment programs include detoxification, group therapy, psycho-education, introduction to outside support groups (known as 12-step programs), and individual counseling.

There are various types of treatment for addictions, Traditional medical, holistic (Easter healing practices), spiritual (acknowledging a powerful force outside the body) and intellectual (learning to deal with addiction processes through professional literature).

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Brain, Mind, Body And The Disease Of Addiction

There are many factors that go into substance abuse and addiction. The standard definition of drug or alcohol addiction is that


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