Addiction Treatment Programs in North Carolina

Drug addiction and alcoholism were focussed as moral problems instead of the diseases. In fact most of them who lived in North and South Carolina felt all people had to do was get a little willpower and quit drinking. It has taken quite a bit of education and support of the American Medical Association but most people understand drug addiction to be a disease of the brain.

North Carolina Addiction Treatment Centers

Now that addiction was a disease, the disease needed to be treated. That was when North Carolina addiction treatment programs emerged along with drug rehabs in South Carolina. Most of these addiction treatment centers provided drug detoxification, 12 step meetings and various forms of therapy. That is a far cry from when everyone with a drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem was herded off to a psychiatric hospital to “dry out”.

Addicts from North Carolina Seek Addiction Treatment in Florida

As time has passed, more and more people from North Carolina and South Carolina have been seeking addiction treatment in Florida. This is not because drug rehabs in North Carolina are bad, but because drug rehabs in Florida have become more creative in the treatment they provide. Drug rehabs in Jacksonville, Florida have emerged to offer few of the most powerful addiction treatment across the country. Some of the drug rehabs in Jacksonville, Florida even specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and addiction treatment for the lesbian and gay groups.

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