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A Drug Addiction Treatment Center In Orange Counge Has Solutions

How Do You Know If You Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

It’s a common question many individuals have: Am I really an addict? (… or When do I know if I need drug addiction treatment?) What’s the difference between an alcoholic and a drug addict? Is there a difference between a cocaine … heroin … or even a marijuana addict?

A lot of people today drink alcohol and some may take a fair number use drugs as well. Does that make all of them alcoholics or drug addicts? Not necessarily…

So how do you know for sure? …

Addiction Treatment Is Necessary For People Who Can’t Control Their Using

The difference between individuals who need addiction treatment and someone who simply uses or abuses a particular substance is whether they have a compulsion to use alcohol or drugs.

What is meant by “compulsion to use”? …

For many people who drink, they know when to stop or have the power to stop when it is important. They don’t drink to excess whenever they have commitments such as work or school the next day, and they don’t allow their drinking to interfere with their relationships with friends and family.

Alcoholics or drug addicts can’t say no or simply walk away where most individuals can. As an addict or alcoholic – once you start it becomes almost impossible to stop or to control your using because the compulsion to use or drink is too strong.

Addicts and alcoholics have lost the power to choose whether they want to use or not. That sounds ridiculous to people not affected by the disease of addiction, but it is very real and life-threatening to those people who are afflicted with this disorder.

Get Help At An Addiction Treatment Center

Is there a difference between being an alcoholic or drug addict, whatever your drug of choice may be?

If you look at it carefully … not a whole lot. While the substance of choice might be different … create a different form of high, but the end result is still the same, and which can ultimately lead to death.

So as a heroin addict that process might happen fairly quickly, whereas for the alcoholic it may happen far more gradually over a number of years, yet the consequences (no matter what the substance), of addiction will be very similar.

This is why every major addiction treatment center treats alcoholism, drug addiction and even things like gambling and sex addiction in the same way.

Addicts in treatment refer to alcohol as a drug because they know that even though for most people it can be enjoyed in moderation, for them it can trigger the same compulsion that will lead to the original addiction disorder from which they suffer.

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