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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Problems

Alcoholism and drug addiction causes problems not just for the alcoholic or addict, but for family members, friends and employers alike.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Problems: Financial

Addiction is a financial burden. The person who is in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction may spend all his or her income on drugs and start selling items in order to feed their drug habit. Someone who is at this level of severity for drug usage may end up losing their job, their car, their home and anything else dear to them.
This also affects loved ones who feel obligated to help. Oftentimes family members are the ones who end up paying for their loved one’s drug usage, not necessarily by buying the drugs but by offering a place to live or financial assistance until they can get on their feet. Unfortunately, providing this level of support often enables people to keep using alcohol and drugs.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Problems: Emotional

If you have a family member who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, it is likely causing emotional problems within the family as well. Addiction is a family disease. Alcoholics and addicts are master manipulators and may use guilt and manipulative tactics to persuade family members to continue enabling them in their behavior. They may say they’re going to stop, this is the last time, I’ll be home right after work but when the drink or the drug calls all bets are off. This leads to frustration, worry, anger, co-dependency, sleepless nights, and all manner of toxic behaviors in attempting to deal with alcoholism and drug addiction problems.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Problems: Physical

Dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction problems can also lead to physical issues. This could be coping with anything from stress-related illnesses to injuries sustained while under the influence to violence and withdrawal symptoms. Family members are often pulled into the drama of an addict’s life and feel compelled to help, especially when health is threatened.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Problems: Getting Help

If any of these alcoholism or drug addiction problems relate to you, it’s time to seek professional help. There are hundreds of resources in your area and thousands of drug rehab centers across the nation. The best approach is to call and speak to the professionals at a drug rehab center and find out your options. There are professional intervention services available as well as a variety of options for inpatient or outpatient. Alcoholism and drug addiction problems don’t go away on their own. Get help before its too late.

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