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Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers San Diego

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in San Diego Serve Varied Populations

Many of those who live outside the San Diego area have a rather narrow and stereotypical view of the region. Certainly, San Diego is gorgeous, and many residents are very affluent. But it’s not all Disneyland. There are many different populations in San Diego County, and alcohol abuse is rampant in all of them, as it is everywhere in the United States. Fortunately, there are a great many alcohol rehabilitation centers in San Diego, which stand ready to give you the help and support you need no matter what your circumstances.

A quick scan of San Diego alcohol rehabilitation centers shows that there are facilities specifically focused on serving military veterans, teens, women, gang members, migrant workers and Native Americans, as well as those that cater to high-profile clients who are used to a luxurious lifestyle.

The methods of treatment vary widely among alcohol rehabilitation centers in San Diego as well. Many are based on the 12-step recovery model. Many more reject the concept of alcoholism as an incurable disease, and focus on counseling and holistic approaches to discover the root cause of the addiction and help the client live a life of moderation. There are centers that use a variety of medical models, including acupuncture, and those that are primarily faith-based.

Find the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in San Diego

There is no one “best” alcohol rehabilitation center that is best for every client. Each addiction is as individual as the addicted person. As you look through our listings, ask yourself what options seem to suit you best. Would you prefer a 12-step, holistic or medical therapeutic model? Do you wish to be with others of your same age and gender, or do you prefer a mixed group? What centers are most affordable for you? Please note that we also have information on financing available on our website. Once you’ve made your choice, we urge you to act promptly. It’s your life at stake.

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