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Christian Drug Treatment: What it Offers That Secular Drug Treatment Does Not

There are many ways that people can get help to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions.  Some people choose to quit their drug of choice cold turkey.  Others use medication to help wean them off of the drug they are addicted to.  Some people check themselves into an intensive in patient drug addiction treatment facility.  Still other addicts choose to participate in outpatient drug treatment programs and groups like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.  One of the most popular and successful methods of treating drug and alcohol addictions is Christian drug treatment.

The truth is that Christian drug treatment has a very high rate of success when helping people to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.  People who go through a Christian drug treatment program are less likely to relapse than people who choose a secular program or try to do their drug rehabilitation and overcome their drug and alcohol addictions on their own.  Why is this?  Why is the Christian drug treatment program’s approach so much more successful than other programs?

There are several theories as to why Christian drug treatment works so well.

Christian Drug Treatment: Community and Family Strength

The Christian community is a very supportive community—even to those who do not subscribe to the Christian faith.  This community feels like a large and sprawling extended family whose members all place high priority in helping each other stay strong and achieve whatever goals they set out to achieve.  When someone is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, a Christian drug treatment program introduces the addict to the Christian community.  The addict will be welcomed “into the fold” of people who will all support the addict as he or she works to overcome his (or her) addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.  This community can help the addict find safe shelter, gainful employment and provide a social network that the addict can lean on as he tries to stay sober.

Another bonus to finding his or her place in the Christian community is the support that the Christian community offers to the families and friends of people who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions.  Christian drug treatment can help an addict re-strengthen the bonds he had with his family and friends.  This supportive community prides itself on helping its members build strong families and friendship networks.

Christian Drug Treatment: Activities and Church Attendance

One of the cornerstones of Christian drug treatment is regular church attendance.  Many addicts find that regular church attendance is helpful on many fronts.  While it helps them find inspiration in the divine and strength in a higher power, the regularly scheduled services give the recovering addict something to do and to look forward to.  Instead of trying to figure out how to fill up the months and years of a sober life, the addict only has to focus on getting through a few days before he can get his “regularly scheduled dose of faith.”  What’s more, many churches have activities that take place between the regular Sunday services.  Some churches have services during the week.  Some churches have support group meetings, bible study lessons or volunteer opportunities that members of the church attend regularly.  These activities can help a recovering drug addict or alcoholic fill up his days and evenings.

A full schedule is important for people who are trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.  Christian drug treatment helps addicts understand that by taking part in an active church, they will have less time to worry about the drugs and alcohol that they are not consuming.  A full schedule can help distract the addict from his or her addiction.  What’s more, by staying active within the church, the addict will strengthen his ties to the Christian community and a strong social network is incredibly important to preventing an addiction relapse.

Christian Drug Treatment: Strength in the Divine

Another important tenet of Christian drug treatment is teaching the recovering addict how to find strength and inspiration in a higher power.  Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction feel that they are all alone in the universe.  This loneliness fuels their addictions and can make staying sober incredibly difficult outside of drug rehab.  When a person enters a Christian drug treatment program they are taught that there is always someone looking out for them.  The addicts are taught how to seek God and how to find inspiration in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  What is more important is that they are taught that God and Jesus are always with them and that they are not alone.  Understanding that they are part of a larger design helps many addicts feel more connected to their communities and the world around them.  These connections help them stay sober once they have left the drug rehab center.

While it is certainly true that there are non-Christian drug treatment programs out there that have high rates of success, the fact is that Christian drug treatment works even after other types of addiction recovery treatment have failed.  Faith based programs provide recovering addicts with something that other types of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation do not.  This is not something that can be easily explained and, more often than not, has to be experienced to be understood.

Transformations Treatment Center offers drug and alcohol addicts Christian drug treatment that will help them stay sober long after they have left drug rehab.  The program centers around regular church activities, prayer, bible study and lessons on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Previous Christian affiliation is not necessary for admission into the program.  In fact, the staff at Transformations Treatment Center welcomes people of all faiths and walks of life to participate in their drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

For more information on Christian drug treatment and the programs offered by Transformations Treatment Center, contact Transformations Treatment Center today.

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