Drug Abuse Rehab

The addiction to drugs which are available on the street is practically a symptom of contemporary life. Its frequency is not that unexpected, given the way that Hollywood glorifies drug use. In fact, it is difficult to draw the line between drug use and abuse, because once someone has developed the mind-set that illegal street drugs are acceptable for consumption, they’re already sliding into an inevitable slippery slope of abuse.

The problem is widespread, so much so that there are drug abuse rehab facilities which are located in every city in the US–not just in Hollywood. They’re not all the Betty Ford clinic, however. Some of them use some very harsh behavioral methodologies. In fact, nearly all rehab is cold turkey. (The exception is when going “cold turkey” is going to kill the addict. In that case, a prolonged hospitalization with the use of methadone (for narcotic addiction) manages to gradually get addicts habituated physically and biologically to sobriety).

Rehab for Drug Abuse

However, unlike the movie, individuals in therapy groups are usually segregated according to their problem. (For example, alcoholics are grouped together, etc). This is because it enables the therapy to deal with the unique problems of their specific addictions. And don’t expect anyone in your discussion group to look like Ryan Seacrest.

Drug abuse rehab is no more glamorous than drug abuse itself. In fact, some of the procedures seen in the movie really do reflect a drug abuse rehab treatment protocol. Apart from the medicinal therapies, treatment is aimed at a specific objective: the kind of self-discovery and perspective that enables an addict to achieve some degree of control of their lives.

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