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Drug Rehab AfterCare

Drug Rehab AfterCare

Drug Rehab AfterCare is offered following inpatient drug rehab for continued support as you ease back into society. The initial period following drug rehab offers the greatest potential for relapse. You are leaving a safe, supervised environment and returning to the familiar environment and routine where you drank or used drugs. This time can pose a great challenge and risk to your new sobriety. This is why Drug Rehab AfterCare is so important. It can help you bridge the transition between rehab and life.
Drug Rehab AfterCare Programs
Staying sober when you leave the structure of drug rehab can be difficult. Drug Rehab AfterCare operates much like training wheels for your new life in sobriety. While all drug rehabs offer their own individual programs, most have similar qualities. Drug Rehab AfterCare generally consists of checking in on a weekly basis in group therapy under the guidance of a counselor. Counselors help individuals process basic life management issues without picking up a drink or a drug. Continued support and accountability to a peer group helps maintain sobriety as well as let you know you’re not alone in your struggles. There may also be random drug testing to ensure individuals are following program guidelines as well as one-on-one counseling sessions.

Drug Rehab Aftercare Support

Most people go to drug rehab for approximately 30 days. This is barely enough time to get sober and grasp the concept of handling life without drugs and alcohol. Without Drug Rehab AfterCare, there’s no support, accountability or reminder to help you stay sober. It’s all too easy to slip right back into old behaviors that will lead you to drink or use. Drug Rehab AfterCare expounds on the topics covered in drug rehab and helps support you in putting what you learned in drug rehab to use in the real world. Meeting with your peers from drug rehab as well as your counselor offers a safe and supportive environment where you can address issues that may be tripping up your sobriety. In Drug Rehab AfterCare, you can express your discomfort in sobriety and find healthy ways to deal with it instead of going back to drinking and using.

Drug Rehab Aftercare Options

Drug Rehab Aftercare generally has various options that work around your schedule. Most people return to school or work following drug rehab. For this reason, Drug Rehab AfterCare offers options such as day or evening groups, drug and alcohol counseling at a group or individual level, sober living and continued education on triggers, relapse prevention and life management skills.

When determining which treatment center you want to attend, make sure you check out their Drug Rehab AfterCare program to ensure there is a level of support following inpatient. Inpatient is just the beginning of making the necessary changes required to live a happy, sober life. The most difficult time to stay sober is in the first few months following drug rehab treatment. It’s when you leave drug rehab that the real work begins. Make sure you have the necessary support to be a success!

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