Drug Rehabs

The truth is that drug rehabs are not a Cheech and Chong joke. They are in the serious business of saving lives.

If you are looking for drug rehabs, you can investigate a number of facts. Ask a lot of questions. Do they provide dependency education? Find out how long the facility has been in business. Find out the doctors’ professional credentials. Find out the program’s success rate. Talk to people who have been through the program. What is the length of their detoxification program?

Do they offer family and group therapy in the drug rehab?

The addict is not in this alone. The program should offer substantial and long term family and group therapy.

There are many drug rehab programs out there, and it is wise to investigate before you sign your name on the dotted line. Don’t jump at the first facility you see. For example, residential programs range from thirty to ninety days of treatment following the initial detox. Even though ninety days seems like a very long time, the longer duration seems to reduce the rate of relapse. In addition to detox, drug rehabs should offer substantive counseling, psychiatric and psychological care.

Of course it all depends on how long the addict has been involved with the drug of choice. The deeper the drug user is entrenched not only physically but in the drug culture, the harder it will be to get back on track. Conversely, if the drug user denies their addiction, they may not fully engage in the treatment until they can accept full responsibility for their actions as well as acknowledging the depth of harm the drug causes.

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