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Gay Drug Rehab in Florida

Drug or alcohol rehab treatment programs have been beginning in Florida. Everything from detox to inpatient addiction treatment and long term care are available for the general public. There have been drug rehab programs for eating disorders, sexual trauma, men and women, but very few drug rehab programs for the gay and lesbian population.

Even today, there are only a handful of drug rehab programs that specialize in gay drug rehab or gay addiction treatment and a few more with specialized gay drug rehab components within the actual drug rehab.

While there are many more drug rehab programs with gay a component then true gay drug rehab programs, not many of them have staff trained in issues specific to the gay population. Issues such as homophobia, internalized homophobia, coming out and sexuality often go untouched, not to mention, the sensitivity training that must take place for the other members of the staff.

Certain areas more sensitive to Gay Drug Rehab and Gay Alcohol Rehab

I think it is safe to say there are certain areas in the state of Florida that are more sensitive to the gay, lesbian community than others. Some of the areas might include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. Each of these cities have substantial gay populations and services to match. It stands to reason that opening a drug rehab with a gay addiction treatment component or a gay drug rehab in these areas might be simpler to deal because of the community support and anxillary community services.

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