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Home Recovery from Pain Killer

The difference

When patients are admitted to a drug rehab center they are isolated from all the surrounding triggers and hence can stay fresh with no effort. When they are discharged they start to face the same situations that led them to increase the drug dependence in the first place. Alone and without the necessary guidance many patients relapse within 90 days of their discharge date. At home recovery programs help patients to recover in face of those triggers and coach them through those urges without the need to run away.

At Home Recovery from Prescription Pain Killers


At-home recovery provides a much more private environment than any other form of treatment. This helps patients avoid stigmatization which can have a tremendous hindrance on recovery. We help patients regain their self esteem and encourage reentry into the society.


With At home recovery programs there is no or minimal interruption of your life cycle with the ability to become productive and independent while you are recovering. An advantage that cannot be accomplished in a drug rehab


At home recovery programs provide one on one treatment approach.


At home recovery programs cost a fraction of the prices of drug rehabs which can reach up to $20,000.

Family support

At home recovery programs connect the family at the commencement and throughout the treatment episodes. The convenience of having your recovery at home makes this decision easier to start.

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