Methadone Rehab

Methadone Rehab Options

Sometimes one addiction can often lead to another. If you were at a rehab facility being treated for an addiction like heroin, you may have been given daily doses of Methadone to help with the detox process. Methadone is a synthetic opiate, similar to morphine but it is supposedly not as addictive. Still, many people find themselves hooked on the methadone after the heroin habit has been kicked. Now you need treatment for a new addiction. Thankfully there are methadone rehab clinics that can help you.

You may be able to continue with the rehab clinic you started at to deal with the methadone problem. If not, there are plenty of methadone rehab clinics that cater to just the very problem you’re dealing with. You will find that there is relief for those who have a chemical dependency methadone.

Get Methadone Rehab Treatment

Though methadone is safer than heroin, which is why it is so widely used, it comes with risky side effects. It does not produce that same euphoric feeling that addicts get when they use heroin or take other opiates. Often times, overdose happens because someone will take too much, hoping to get that high. It can lead to all sorts of respiratory, kidney, liver, heart and mental problems. Beyond that, it can be fatal. Though many of us are thankful for the methadone treatment we receive in clinics, others are not so lucky; the drug holds onto them. It can be treated with a high rate of success. Methadone rehab is just as real as any other rehab and if you need help, contact a facility in the area or call your doctor.

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