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Oxycontin Treatment

At this point, when it comes to chronic, severe pain, doctors are whipping out their prescription pads and prescribing an opioid drug known as Oxycontin. Because of its similar addictive qualities to heroin, this prescribed pain drug is extremely dangerous. There are even arguments that it should never be prescribed and that other pain management methods should be sought. However, when it comes to treating pain, Oxycontin is a good drug when used accordingly. But when it’s abused, Oxycontin treatment becomes a whole other story.

Treating someone for an Oxycontin addiction is a lot like treating a person who is addicted to heroin. Their withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful and they can experience convulsions and flu-like symptoms. Often times, doctors who are working with people with these addictions will choose to medicate them to help ease them through the detox process.

Get Oxycontin Treatment Help

It’s not difficult to do an internet search and find if there are any treatment centers in your area. Your local hospital and even your family doctor can point you in the right direction if you have an addiction and need to get Oxycontin treatment. Slowly, Oxycontin is taking over as the most abused drug in the United States, teenagers are using it as a party drug, replacing marijuana and it is slowly claiming the lives of these children. Don’t become a statistic and get the help you need to beat your Oxycontin addiction.

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