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Xanax Addiction: Find a Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Xanax is a central nervous system depressant prescribed as a tranquilizer. Since it was first introduced in 1973, it has been illegally used, resulting in an addiction that is extremely difficult to combat. Illegal use is primarily a problem in teenagers and young adults. Nearly 5 million people report having abused Xanax or similar tranquilizers, and in 2000, more than 22,000 people visited the emergency room for problems related to Xanax use.

The effects of withdrawal from Xanax are often severe. Rebound anxiety, seizures, sleep disturbances, rage, and even homicidal impulses can result. especially when the user tries to stop abruptly with no medical intervention. For this reason, it is important for a Xanax user to find a prescription drug rehab center that is licensed for detox. Since addicts may have started using Xanax and similar drugs in an attempt to self-medicate for depression, anxiety or another psychological disorder, it is also highly recommended that the chosen prescription drug rehab center have specialists on staff trained to deal with dual diagnoses.

Do You Need Help Getting an Addict to a Prescription Drug Rehab Center?

If someone you care about has fallen prey to Xanax abuse or another prescription drug addiction, getting that person to recognize the need for help can be very difficult. Because the drugs are legally produced and prescribed, addicts are often in denial about their problem, even when they are “doctor shopping,” using fraudulent prescriptions or obtaining their drug of choice from illicit sources. Intervention may be required to get the addict into treatment, but it is unwise and often counterproductive to attempt intervention without professional guidance.

At Addiction to, we maintain a resource listing of reputable intervention experts who can help you understand the process and facilitate the event. Use the filter under “Key Links” on our home page to help you get started.

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