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Private Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug Rehab Facilities

There are generally three types of drug rehab programs: Private drug rehab, Hospital drug rehab and state-funded drug rehab.  While health insurance may cover a portion of the drug rehab cost at a hospital program, typically more options and amenities are available at private drug rehab facilities.
The most important element of entering a private, residential drug rehab program is the ability to be concerned only with healing yourself. At SouthCoast Recovery, we are a private drug rehab facility that keeps your information in the utmost confidence.

Private Drug Rehab Facilities

Private drug rehab facilities are exactly that – private. They are generally privately owned and operated and all matter of your business with them remains private. A private drug rehab facility operates under the same privacy protection as most healthcare clinics and hospitals. The basic difference between a hospital facility and a private drug rehab is the environment.
Most private drug rehab facilities are residential. Patients or clients stay in private lodgings, homes or villas rather than in a clinical setting. Accommodations range from private, ocean-view rooms to sharing a room with another in the heart of town. Dependent upon your preferences, you can find a private facility that has the amenities you’re looking for.

Private Drug Rehab Amenities

Most private drug rehab’s offer more amenities than you would find at a hospital program. These can include holistic treatments such as massage and acupuncture or opportunities for recreational activities such as volleyball, baseball, ropes challenge courses and equine therapy. Private drug rehabs also offer more of a familiar environment in which to maneuver the early stages of sobriety – most people won’t return to a hospital setting following their stay at inpatient drug rehab, hopefully!

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