Sobriety Groups

Sobriety groups are intended for people to join tougher as a community and discuss their addiction problem together.  Often times, sobriety groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are filled with people who share the same addiction.  That way, people can relate to each other’s experiences.  They feel more comfort and understanding in these similar situations.  Someone kicking their heroin habit may not relate well with someone who is giving up drinking alcohol. 

Often, these groups are non-profit, which makes them an ideal program for people who have financial issues.  Sobriety groups also are a great way for people who have exited an in patient program to keep receiving treatment to prevent relapsing. 

Get Involved in Sobriety Groups

Just because these programs are low to no cost does not make them ideal for everyone.  This is because some people need to start out with a more aggressive form of treatment.  If this sounds like you, ask a professional about how you should start your sobriety.  Your family physician would be a great place to start.  Remember, sobriety takes effort.  These sobriety groups require the participants to be active and contribute to the program to be a success.  If the group functions as it should, it can be an exceptional tool to help you stay on the right track.

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