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What Happens at a Christian Drug Treatment Center?

What makes a Christian drug treatment center different from a non-faith-based drug rehabilitation approach?  The truth is that Christian drug treatment programs and secular drug treatment programs have quite a lot in common:

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Individual Counseling

In both a Christian drug treatment center and a center in which faith is not incorporated drug addicts will work one on one with a professionally trained addiction counselor.  Together the addict and her counselor will work to identify how her addiction took hold and the triggers that kept it going.  During individual counseling sessions, the addict will work through psychological issues and work to develop skills to cope with the temptations and struggles that the addict will face when she finishes her drug addiction treatment program.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are imperative to both Christian drug treatment center programs and non-faith based drug treatment programs.  In group therapy addicts will work together with a counselor to learn how to communicate effectively and how to confront their addictions in a social setting.  Group therapy sessions are beneficial because it allows addicts to talk about their addictions in a safe environment with others who understand what it is to have an addiction that cannot be controlled.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Education

In order for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol to recover from his addiction, it is important that he understands the science behind his addiction.  All good drug treatment centers work to educate their patients on their drugs of choice and the effects those drugs have on the body and mind.  These classes also help addicts understand how addiction works and will teach simple methods the addict can use to resist the temptations in the outside world.

Christian drug treatment centers incorporate all of these elements while offering drug and alcohol addicts something extra.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Twelve Steps

The twelve steps that everyone has heard about (that were developed by Alcoholics Anonymous) are put to work in all Christian drug treatment centers.  At Transformations Treatment Center, the twelve steps are used as a road map for the drug addict’s recovery and future sobriety.  The twelve steps are used in conjunction with the teachings of Christ to help addicts figure out how to lead a Christian lifestyle as they work to stay sober.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Bible Study and Church Attendance

Bible study and regular Church attendance are an integral part to any Christian drug treatment center.  Drug and alcohol addicts learn how to look to the Bible and the sermons offered in Church for inspiration and guidance.  The Bible is an excellent source for advice on staying vigilant and resisting temptation and addicts will learn which passages provide the most information and how to find inspiration throughout the rest of the verses as well.  Regular church attendance helps recovering drug and alcohol addicts begin to create a regular schedule and the sermons can offer addicts some guidance to help an addict stay vigilant during the week.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is offered at Transformations Treatment Center as well as at other Christian Drug Treatment Centers all over the country.  Pastoral counseling is a lot like individual therapy that is infused with Christian teachings and guidance.  You will work with a pastor to find strength in your faith.  You will also learn how to pray for strength and guidance as you work to stay sober and resist the temptations of the world outside of rehab.

Christian Drug Treatment Center Offers Faith

Some people think that choosing a Christian drug treatment center is only an option for people who subscribe to the Christian faith.  The truth is that Christian drug addiction recovery programs are open to people of all faiths as well as to those who do not subscribe to any particular faith.  The Christian drug treatment center at Transformations Treatment Center welcomes anyone who wants to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.  Many people who choose to take part in Christian drug treatment center programs are surprised to find just how inclusive these drug rehab programs can be.

The truth is that a Christian drug treatment program can offer a drug addict something that other, secular, types of programs cannot.  It is hard to define what this something is.  Some people call it faith.  Other people call it comfort.  Still others have no word for that certain something that helped them stay sober after leaving their Christian drug treatment program even after their previous attempts at addiction recovery had failed.

For more information on finding the right Christian drug treatment program for you, please contact the caring and professional staff at Transformations Treatment Center.

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