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Why Go To Drug Rehab?

Why go to drug rehab?

Why should you go to drug rehab? Can’t you just quit on your own and go about your life? If you haven’t quit on your own by now, it’s likely you won’t. Alcohol and drug addiction is not as simple as just quitting – you’ve probably quit numerous times.
The problem is not picking up that drink or drug in response to life situations. You lose your job, the person you love walks out, you’re out with friends and they put a shot down in front of you – how do you stay sober at times like this? Drug rehab is not just about getting you sober, although that’s part of it. Drug rehab also teaches you how to live life without drinking or using.

Do I need drug rehab?

If you’re considering drug rehab or a loved one is considering it for you, it’s likely you need it. Most people don’t have to think about whether they need drug rehab. If you can’t stop drinking or taking drugs in spite of negative consequences, you’re on the right page. The signs of a need for drug rehab include poor school or work attendance and performance, unkempt or neglected appearance, poor appetite, change in sleep habits, changing friends, neglecting activities and responsibilities, financial problems, deteriorating relationships, withdrawal symptoms when the drug is unavailable, cravings and the desire to obtain the drug at all costs. If any of these symptoms apply to you or a loved one, you need drug rehab.

What does drug rehab offer?

Drug rehab offers a safe environment generally with 24 hour supervision and professional guidance where you can focus on healing from drugs and alcohol. Some drug rehabs offer state-licensed medical detox where you can sever the physical reliance on alcohol or drugs in a comfortable manner. Quitting drugs and alcohol using the cold turkey method is never recommended as it can result in life-threatening symptoms, such as seizures. When the body is physically stabilized after detox, clients can then start to work on severing the psychological reliance. This is most often accomplished through a combination of group therapy, clinical therapy and the 12-step model taken from the founding principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the most widely used model in recovery.

Drug rehab options

There are a variety of drug rehab programs available and the best one for you is one that fits you. What are you looking for in a drug rehab program? There are residential or hospital programs, some primarily use holistic treatments in the treatment of drug addiction while others rely more on the principle of reliance on a higher power, such as 12-step models or Celebrate Recovery. There are as many drug rehab options as there are drug rehab centers. You need to determine how important options are such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, access to fitness centers, equine therapy, spa treatments, your faith and location. There is a drug rehab center for you and if you are considering professional help, don’t wait until it’s too late. Set the criteria you need and with a little research, you will find the right drug rehab for you.

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