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About Addiction

Addiction To Rehabilitation is a self help guided website offering solutions to many types of addictions from substance abuse to harming oneself. We bridge the gap of bringing solutions to those looking for rehabilitation methods to various addictions with the help of designated professionals who can be matched to the particular addiction.

Physicians Get Addicted Too

Well past seven one evening in 1988, after the nurses and the office manager had gone home, as he prepared to see the last of his patients and return some phone calls, Dr. Lou Ortenzio stopped by the cupboard where the drug samples were kept. Ortenzio, a 35-year-old family practitioner in Clarksburg, West Virginia, reached

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Insurer sent $33,000 to a man struggling with addiction. He used the cash to go on a binge — and died

Her son 'would not have died' if not for insurance company payout Jennifer Alba sifts through the boxes of photographs and documents. It's a collection of what once was, and what her life has become. A mother sorting through pain. There's her son, Joseph, as an infant, smiling, dressed in a onesie with his bright

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How People with Substance Use Disorders Can Lend a Hand in Addiction Research

Clinical trials are essential for testing new treatments, and those who suffer from SUDs are essential to their success. One of the major challenges in health science today is that not enough patients participate in clinical trials and other studies. Without volunteers willing and able to participate in studies testing new treatments or therapeutic approaches

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Drugs, Alcohol aiding in growing domestic violence cases

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Domestic violence deaths are on the rise according to the Spartanburg County Coroner. "Those who have addictions, they are also fueling other crimes," said Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller. It's a trend Sheriff Mueller says starts with abusers committing petty crimes to satisfy their addiction. Those crimes include stealing from loved ones

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