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Being in debt can be stressful to both your mental and physical health

However, for many it is not that easy. Spending money is something that they use to fill an emptiness that they have in their life. The thing they don’t realize is that no matter how much they spend that hole will never be filled. For these people shopping and spending money is an addiction and they get a high when they do it. The high is usually gone and they are left to deal with the realization that there money is gone and most likely they have more credit card debt.

For many people changing the way they think about money can be a lot like what an alcoholic goes through to stop drinking. When it comes to compulsive spending there are varying degrees of being out of control. For some it is a simple as sitting down and seeing the numbers on paper. This is all it takes for them to realize that they will be in trouble if they don’t learn to control their spending.

This behavior will not change overnight and will most likely require counseling if it is severe. Learning how to deal with your feelings in healthy way is what is important. Until this time, the spending can get so out of control it can lead to bankruptcy.

If this sounds like you, seeing a credit counselor is a good idea. Even if credit counseling cannot help you, these organizations can advise you on your debt relief options and refer you to the necessary debt help organizations. This will begin the process of cleaning up the debt.

But you should also look into either counseling for why you are a compulsive over spender or visit a Debtors Anonymous meeting. Debtors Anonymous is a 12-step program that helps people figure out why they spend money compulsively. They also help its members get their lives back on track and learn to live without overspending.

Being in debt can be stressful to both your mental and physical health. Getting your debt under control is essential to living a healthy and productive life.

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