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Anger and Rage Management From Drinking

Again, anger management will give you the tools to walk away and eventually to cool down. But the real tools are facing the reason why you are acting out in anger or rage. I actually question an anger Management counselor on why they didn't call Anger Management, "Rage management," and the answer I received was

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Sobriety Support Groups

Sobriety support groups can be an essential tool for recovery if you??ve exited a rehab program and want to continue your life addiction free. These are programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Odds are, if you recently completed a rehab stay, the medical professionals will hook you up with the info you need to

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Cure Clutter and Junk Filled Living Spaces

A long corridor is filled with boxes, paperwork, unopened mail, clothes to be donated, you name it, and the hallway has it. It's been years since the passageway has been clear. Doing a semi-twist and turn to get from one end to the other is part of the daily routine. Actually, in truth, the external

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Avoiding another’s behavior and problems

Codependency occurs when a person focuses on another's behavior and problems as a means of avoiding his own issues or pain. It is common for friends and family members of alcoholics or drug addicts to become enmeshed in codependency. To enhance recovery from this style of interaction, it is important to find a codependency support

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