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Pennsylvania to fund drug addiction treatment centers

Pennsylvania is funding health care centers that take a holistic approach to drug addiction treatment. Treatment for drug use often involves detoxing but rarely addresses the underlying causes of addiction, like behavioral health disorders. And that's a problem, says Ted Dallas, Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. "If we don't also treat the behavioral

Holiday Help. Stay Sober

For many people completing addiction treatment services, the holidays are “perfect” times for an addict to relapse. Drug treatment centers work best when designing an aftercare plan to take into account all situations that might cause a person to relapse. This is a relapse prevention program that happens within the substance abuse treatment center. A

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Alcoholism Treatment Is Necessitated By The Following Addiction Treatment Symptoms

When Is The Right Time For Alcoholism Treatment? It is a question often asked. From the guy in college who partied too hard, to the husband who drinks a six-pack every night: when does drinking alcohol become alcohol abuse, and when does that become an addiction that requires alcoholism treatment? Heavy drinking is defined by

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If You Think You Need Help For Alcoholism Treatment, You Can Find Addiction Therapy At A Rehabilitation Center

Signs That You May Need Alcoholism Treatment Alcoholism is the final stage of problem drinking. This disease involves the symptoms of alcohol abuse, plus it involves another key element: physical and psychological dependence upon alcohol. It may seem to some that there is a fine line between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, but if you rely

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