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What You Need to Know About In-Patient Rehabilitation

When you or someone in your family is trying to step away from a drug addiction, the idea of rehab can be very overwhelming. Often, many addicts make the mistake of thinking they can overcome their struggles on their own. However, studies have shown that the only way to truly rid oneself of addiction is

Compulsive masturbation, also continuing into adulthood

What is a sexual addict? What behaviors are typical of a true sexual addict? Why can a sexual not control himself? Sex is a biological necessity for millions of species on our planet. And in the context of a loving, monogamous, caring relationship, sexual intimacy is a beautiful connection between two people, an emotional and

How to Distinguish between Sex Addiction and just Cheating

Is it cheating or sex addiction? This is the question particularly asked today, with more and more celebrities in the news. Making headlines for sexual indiscretions and heading off to sex addiction centers. Many remarks have been made that some of these folks might be hiding behind the title of sexual addiction to excuse their

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