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Alcohol Detox: One Family’s Story

People who have never seen someone undergoing alcohol detox have no idea how severe the symptoms can be. This is especially true of delirium tremens, which is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal. Delirium tremens is most common in people who drink the equivalent of 7-8 beers on a daily basis for several months and in people who have been drinking heavily for 10 years or more.

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The Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

When a heavy drinker attempts alcohol detox by quitting cold turkey, he or she can experience a variety of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  These symptoms may range from minor problems like shakiness and insomnia to more severe symptoms including delirium tremens and seizures.  While detox may seem like an intimidating option, rest assured that doctors in

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The Benefits of Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

If you are looking into an alcohol recovery program, it is important to understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.  Typically, heavy drinkers who are extremely addicted to the substance are admitted to inpatient care.  However, outpatient treatment is also a valuable alternative under the right circumstances. Inpatient substance abuse care is when

An Addiction Treatment Center In Orange County Gives Effective Alcoholism Treatment And Alcohol Detox For Women

Choose An Alcoholism Treatment Program That Fits Your Needs Alcohol abuse among women carries with it a whole range of problems and issues that aren’t of particular concern to alcoholic men. They include safety concerns, reproductive issues and general health dangers. These issues, of course, are not substituted for the other dangers of alcoholism, but

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