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Recovery From Sex Addiction – The First Step

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from sexual addiction or sex addiction - a pattern of sexual behavior which the sex addict performs in spite of the ever-increasing negative impact it has on his or her quality of life. Sexual addition is often characterized by the compulsive use of pornography, internet "cruising", extreme promiscuity, extra-marital

Improving Sexual Enhancement

Sexual health has become the focusing thing in the US, since sexual satisfaction is no longer such a prohibited subject that it cannot be openly discussed and argued. Sexual health is actually explained as a compilation of the lots of factors that impact sexual functions and human reproduction. Sexual health, like mental and physical health

Do I Have a Sexual Addiction or Cheating?

Many remarks have been made that some of these folks might be hiding behind the title of sexual addiction to excuse their bad behavior. That they are not sex addicts but just immoral, loose people. So what exactly is the difference between sexual addiction and just plain cheating. First of all sexual addiction is just

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