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Detox or jail? 40 arrested in 5-day heroin sweep given choice

HACKENSACK – Forty people were arrested in Bergen County this week on drug or drug-related charges and offered a bed at a local detox program in the hope they will begin a path to recovery from addiction. "Operation Helping Hand" resulted in arrests every day from Sunday through Thursday, officials said. When it was over,

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What to Expect During the First 30 Days at a Rehab Center

If you are considering entering a rehab center for drug or alcohol addiction, or if you have a loved one who needs treatment, one of the biggest questions is what to expect during the first weeks of rehab.  While each rehab center has a unique set of practices and procedures, most of them follow a

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Understanding What Methamphetamine Can Do to Your Body

Many people who are tempted to try an illegal drug go into it thinking that using the drug once or twice won’t hurt anything. This can be especially true with younger people, who still tend to think that they are invincible. They figure that getting high with their friends isn’t that much different from drinking

Drug Rehab Detox and Insight Into Help

Ending a problem with dependency can be more than any one individual can handle on his or her own. The problems associated with substance use and abuse are many and varied. Oftentimes one individual simply does not have the skills or insight that are necessary to address all the aspects of substance abuse. An individual

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