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Obesity Equals Preoccupation With Eating

Obesity does affect all ages Get in touch with the granddaddy of all support groups, Overeaters Anonymous (OA). Not only does this group provide meetings in cities throughout the U.S., they also offer online and telephone meetings for those who don't live near one of those cities. Eating too much has become a national pastime.

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Eating Disorders – Begin Holding Meetings

Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) website for information This site lists all current meetings and groups, as well as important details such as the purpose of EDA and its rules and regulations. If you want to start a new meeting group, choose the "Start a Meeting" option from the main page, and it will take

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Prevent relapses into compulsive overeating by developing a network of support for you

Talk to your doctor about undergoing medical and psychological treatment for this disorder. You will need to participate in a thorough physical and mental exam to help rule out other conditions which may be causing your compulsive overeating. Work with a therapist and dietician to develop healthy eating patterns and figure out what may trigger

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The philosophy of Overeater’s Anonymous

Learn about the philosophy of Overeater's Anonymous (OA). Like similar "Anonymous" programs, OA consists of a 12-step program to recovery, starting with admitting you have a problem and ending with helping others who are struggling with compulsive eating. According to the Overeater's Anonymous official website, members of the organization "believe that compulsive overeating is a

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