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Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexaholics Anonymous - Learn To Quit Acting Out.  Sexuality is at the very core of our identity. That is one reason that those who struggle with addiction to sex or sexual behavior can end up so frustrated, so lost and alone. While those who find themselves in the middle of an addiction will find it

Recovery is Real

I am person in long term recovery, meaning I haven’t used alcohol or drugs in over 23 years. When I started on my recovery journey, there was no “recovery movement” and we did not talk about being in recovery. We were silent. Today, I am proud to be a part of the ever-growing recovery movement

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Mental Health at the Movies

This summer, moviegoers of all ages were treated to films and television shows that talked openly and honestly about mental health. In “Love & Mercy,” John Cusack gave an honest and engaging performance as Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, which included Wilson’s schizoaffective disorder and his ongoing recovery with the help of his wife

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Saving the Alcoholic

Between the medical community and the alcoholic lies a gap in understanding that may be where the answer to recovery is. With one in ten now at risk, addiction is taking a front seat in the medical arena as emergency rooms deal with the fall-out of alcohol abuse including overdoses, auto accidents, chemical withdrawal and

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