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What to Expect During the First 30 Days at a Rehab Center

If you are considering entering a rehab center for drug or alcohol addiction, or if you have a loved one who needs treatment, one of the biggest questions is what to expect during the first weeks of rehab.  While each rehab center has a unique set of practices and procedures, most of them follow a

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5 Things to Expect After Your Teen Exits Drug Rehab

So your teen has just finished a program at a drug rehab center, now what? While you want to remain supportive and optimistic, the truth is, it's estimated that 90 percent of drug rehabilitation patients have had at least one relapse before finally becoming sober - permanently. That's why it's important for parents to monitor

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How to Accurately Choose a Drug Rehab That Fits Your Needs

Each year, millions of people from across the globe enter drug rehab centers. The sad truth is that the majority of them had undergone drug rehabilitation before and then relapsed after a short time. Statistics indicate that one in ten had been to rehab at least five times before.

What You Need to Know About In-Patient Rehabilitation

When you or someone in your family is trying to step away from a drug addiction, the idea of rehab can be very overwhelming. Often, many addicts make the mistake of thinking they can overcome their struggles on their own. However, studies have shown that the only way to truly rid oneself of addiction is

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