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Having to deal with addiction can be a very difficult thing.

Having to deal with addiction can be a very difficult thing. Understanding the different steps that someone you care about will have to go through will help them better understand how the treatment will work. Having a patient go through detoxification is imperative to them breaking their addiction. Since substances can influence a person’s thoughts

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Sober Living and Sustaining Recovery

For many individuals that are faced with substance abuse issues, the use of a sober living situation after rehabilitation is usually necessary. The stress and impact of removing chemical dependency from one??s life can be very hard. Knowing that you have resources and support networks available can help you with dealing with living in the

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Transitional Sober Living Ease

It can be difficult to identify whether someone is an alcohol addict, but one very obvious sign of a physical addiction to alcohol are specific withdrawal symptoms which manifest if the individual does not consume alcohol. These symptoms may include irritability, anxiety, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, and in extreme cases delerium tremens. Individuals who have experienced

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