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Helping you stay on track goes from there

When attending any support group to get over an gambling addiction, the first time can be the hardest. Not knowing what to expect can lead stress and anxiety and the chance that you may second guess yourself and not attend at all. Knowing a little bit about what goes on at these get-togethers can help you get over your fear and make an appearance. One appearance usually will lead to two and another and another. Helping you stay on track goes from there.

Small Talk

Very few get-togethers start right away. It is like any other social gathering, including refreshments and a little bit of mingling and small talk to begin the evening.


After the meeting is called to start, introductions usually follow. If it is a small circle group, everyone states their name and a little about themselves. Larger groups usually ask who wants to introduce themselves.


Next you will hear stories; tales about love and lives lost because of gambling and you may be surprised to hear a few mirrors your own in certain ways. You may be asked if you want to speak; no one will think anything if you decline during your first few visits.


Some of the people that have a few more years of staying away from temptation may even ask if there are any questions. Ask anything you feel you need answered; they have heard it all and helped others though it all.

Small Talk Again

After the official part is over, there is once again an opportunity to mingle. It is here where you can approach others privately that you may have felt a connection with to help you on your road to recovery.

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