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Yoga, mindful based relaxed programs successful in treating addiction

  Yoga plus Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention programs are being combined to treat people with alcohol and drug addictions at 12&12 Center for Addiction Treatment & Recovery. The programs, combined with other programs, will be the standard for those admitted for treatment starting in 2017 if funding is obtained, said Brad Collins, director of Community Relations/Research

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Building a Relationship with Spirituality

As a consequence of the work done with people in addiction recovery process this article on tips for spirituality came about. These concepts are valid to almost every one. The question is often asked, what can I do to improve my spirituality? Addiction can be viewed as a disease of isolation, becoming disconnected to life.

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Secrets for Maintaining Good Health

Many people do not realize that good health is the greatest asset in their life. They don't understand the proverb "Health is Wealth". They work hard all their lives without taking proper care of themselves for many years until one day they break down. Don’t wait until you’ve a nervous break down, to face the reality. You should balance your activities with the proper amount of rest.

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