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Physicians Get Addicted Too

Well past seven one evening in 1988, after the nurses and the office manager had gone home, as he prepared to see the last of his patients and return some phone calls, Dr. Lou Ortenzio stopped by the cupboard where the drug samples were kept. Ortenzio, a 35-year-old family practitioner in Clarksburg, West Virginia, reached

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How People with Substance Use Disorders Can Lend a Hand in Addiction Research

Clinical trials are essential for testing new treatments, and those who suffer from SUDs are essential to their success. One of the major challenges in health science today is that not enough patients participate in clinical trials and other studies. Without volunteers willing and able to participate in studies testing new treatments or therapeutic approaches

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Having to deal with addiction can be a very difficult thing.

Having to deal with addiction can be a very difficult thing. Understanding the different steps that someone you care about will have to go through will help them better understand how the treatment will work. Having a patient go through detoxification is imperative to them breaking their addiction. Since substances can influence a person’s thoughts

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Seeking Holistic Recovery at Holistic Rehabs

The Benefits of Holistic Rehab No one ever understands the full spectrum of addiction until they take a long hard look at themselves and their past. There are steps to recovering from addiction and holistic rehab Orange County can help. Why Orange County? This area of Southern California is a veritable Mecca of rehabilitation professionals

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