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How to Understand Sexual Addiction Levels

Sexuality has become a part of our popular culture. Also, our contemporary lifestyles place a high value on the quality of sexual experiences. Within this context, many forms of sexual addiction are often overlooked. Sexual addicts represent a group of people who are distressed by compulsive sexual behaviors which they do not want to engage

How to Get Help for Sex Addiction

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from sex addiction - a pattern of sexual behavior which the sex addict performs in spite of the ever-increasing negative impact it has on his or her quality of life. Sexual addition is often characterized by the compulsive use of pornography, internet "cruising", extreme promiscuity, extra-marital affairs, phone sex

How to Recover From a Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder that causes you to think about sex obsessively and engage in risky sexual behavior. These actions and thoughts can lead to problems at work and in romantic relationships and friendships because of a constant need to fulfill sexual impulses. Through support and willingness to change, you can work to

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