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Compulsive masturbation, also continuing into adulthood

What is a sexual addict? What behaviors are typical of a true sexual addict? Why can a sexual not control himself? Sex is a biological necessity for millions of species on our planet. And in the context of a loving, monogamous, caring relationship, sexual intimacy is a beautiful connection between two people, an emotional and

Are You A Work Addict?

Work addiction is very common in our society today, yet it is not one that is not highly recognised. An interesting article in the March edition of The Success Report published by Success Technologies stated: "Of all the addictions receiving attention today (including alcohol, drugs, gambling and food) work addiction is perhaps the least recognised

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Don’t Be a Workaholic

Most likely, when you start out in a new business, particularly in real estate investing, you discover it's fun, exciting, and profitable. You may become addicted to it. When you run your own business, you start working 60-hour weeks, even 80-hour weeks. And all of a sudden, you're working all the time. Your personal life,

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Manage Work holism and Work Addiction in Your Life

The terms workaholism and workaholic were coined by Wayne Oats in the first book on the subject, Confessions of a Workaholic. He describes workaholism as a compulsive and addictive behavior with work in the same way alcoholics do with alcohol. Workaholism can have a negative effect on ones life on many levels, personal, social, and

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