Meditation Music for Light Relaxation
If you wish to experience a light meditation or if you just want to relax your mind and unwind, then most forms of ambient meditation music will be of great assistance. Let’s face it, the modern world we live in can be pretty fast paced, noisy and stressful at times. Most of us could really use some time out to relax and rejuvenate, and listening to some meditation music is a great way to do this.

Most “new age music” is suitable for general relaxation and can help ease you in to a meditation, but for some people it can actually become a distraction once they reach a certain level of depth and stillness in their meditation.
This is because a lot of new age meditation music is designed to be a little more “entertaining” than it needs to be, and is not really composed with the core principles of meditation in mind. It is wonderful, enjoyable music, but it’s not always suitable for deep meditation.

Deep Meditation Music
If you are searching for music that will genuinely enhance the depth of your meditation, then it is essential that you only use music that was specifically composed for this purpose.

These specialized forms of meditation music are composed with the principles of psychoacoustics in mind (the psychology of sound), and they are designed not just to relax you, but to absorb your attention and gently coax your mind into a state of deep meditation.