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Addiction Recovery Programs: Helping With Living Sober

Addiction Recovery Programs Understand How You Feel

Some people are concerned when looking into addiction recovery programs that the specialists on hand won’t understand how they feel. They’ll see them as just another addict that they have to help get clean. That’s not the case with rehab and if you are at a rehab when you get that vibe from the counselors and staff then you need to check out and go somewhere else. Rehab staffs know how hard it is for an addict and a lot of times they’ve had people in their life who abused and it’s why they’ve decided to go into rehab help.

Living Sober: When Your Partner Returns From Rehab

If you’re not an alcoholic but your partner is, they may want you to considering living sober with them when they exit rehab. It’s not an easy thing to do if you love a glass of vino at the end of the day but ultimately you have to decide what’s more important to you, the vino or your partner. You may not have to give up alcohol completely. You could probably still drink at parties and eventually your partner may allow alcohol back in the home.

Telling Mom & Wife You Need Alcoholism Treatment

Sometimes it’s harder telling your wife or your mother that she needs alcoholism treatment. However, if your wife has been abusing for awhile and you’ve talked to her about it and she keeps telling you she’ll tone down her drinking or she’s fine, you’re kids telling her to get help might be the push she needs. It’s hard for a man to open up to people about his problems with his family. Men are proud and a lot of times they want to try and fix things on their own. It’s not always possible.

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