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Addiction Therapy: Alcoholism Addiction Therapy Works You Just Have To Be Open

Addiction Therapy: Why You Should Be Open To Talk

You should be open to talk during addiction therapy. While you may not understand what talking has to do with rehab, once you start talking you will. Addicts use alcohol and drugs as a method of avoidance, to bury unwanted feelings, to treat depression, to suppress unwanted memories and to deal with stress. There are other reasons as well but those are some of the bigger reasons why people drink or do drugs.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy: Moving Forward After A Breakthrough

After you’ve had a breakthrough during your alcohol addiction therapy group or sessions you may feel for the first time in a long time the reasons why you turn to alcohol or drugs when things get bad finally makes sense. You might also realize that the load of bad things that has happened to you is a lot and instead of doing drugs or drinking you should have gone to therapy and talk to someone about the things that were happening to you. Sometimes we think we deserve the hand we were dealt so we expect it when that’s not the case.

Medical Detoxification: Cleaning Out The Pipes

Cleaning out the pipes was what medical detoxification is all about. You have been pouring harmful toxins and chemicals into your body for some time and now in order to remove the chemical addiction once and for all you need to go through detox. Unfortunately, the detox process does tend to come with some side effects especially if you’ve been using really harmful drugs like heroin or alcohol. You will be offered medicine to get you through these withdrawal symptoms a lot of times referred to as the DTs.

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