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    Hi All,

    I’m brand new to this one so forgive me if it’s a stupid one. I am undoubtedly a problem drinker. The wreckage of the past is there, and I am currently working on it with my sponsor right now. The sweeping of my side of the street might need an industrial strength street-sweeper, but I’m getting there!

    However, now that I decided to go to AA on my own will (i.e. not getting a paper signed) I have come across much animosity from many of the old timers the second that I mention that I have also recently suffered from the afflictions that come from the needle. This was personally my bottom, and I never thought I would get there. It’s very heartbreaking and the addiction, in my opinion is infinitely worse than I ever had in my 15 years of regular and heavy binge drinking. The slavery to the addiction is awful and the lies to the family still bring tears to my eyes.

    I am undoubtedly an alcoholic, but this alcoholism had turned me into a drug addict as well. Many still argue that the two are different, that’s fine, I hold a PhD in pharmacology, so I won’t get into the semantics. My main problem comes with the AA/NA identity crisis.

    When I was a teenager and screwing around with alcohol and crashing cars, I also caught a few minor possession cases. The counselor that I had at the time (also a recovering alcoholic) recommended that I go to AA instead of NA that was walking distance from my college dorm. Obviously, the student wasn’t ready at that time.
    Only now do I see why this was recommended. There are plenty of men and women showing ES&H, and about 50% of them are poly-abusers as myself. The relapse rate has shown to be lower among folks that only use alcohol, and my sobriety is grim with opiate recovery, so I lucked out finding a great AA group that accepts me. I don’t want to talk down about either group, but I really enjoy AA as I hope to pass on my experience of what continued uncontrolled alcoholism can lead to (i.e. heroin) but I continue to get dirty looks and snickers.
    Where should I be? I am an alcoholic, but the alcoholism turned on something that sent me into the abyss of heroin. I don’t like NA, and frankly the NA text is a flagrant plagiarism of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book. Should I continue at AA, and not be scared to share my stories about the needle? Should I go to NA, and not enjoy it and possibly relapse?
    I’m still a little lost here, and my sobriety and spiritual growth are of upmost importance to me. I just don’t want to get jaded by the old-timers at AA or the “boomerangs” at NA.

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