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    A Distant God

    I sit and gaze out from my window at the virgin snow.
    I watch as the cars drive by real slow.

    I realize how powerless we really are to nature’s force.
    All we can do is sit helpless as nature runs its course.

    We’re ravished by fires, hurricanes, monsoons and tornados.
    Does this destruction come from something evil, I don’t know!

    Perhaps, this is God’s way of humbling us and keeping us in our place.
    Just a stern reminder of how insignificant we are as a human race.

    Maybe, the lesson is learned as we work together to clean up the debris.
    We set aside our differences to save humanity.

    Maybe, we all need to be more diligent in our action, thoughts and prayer

    We distance ourselves from God but, he’s always there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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