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    A thread in the alcoholism forum got me thinking about this.

    What are your thoughts on alcoholism and/or problem drinking being higher in the LGBT community. Do you feel that compared to the heterosexual community there is a difference? What is your opinion and experience on this topic?

    These are my thoughts, experience, and opinions:

    My personal experience is that I have not seen what I would consider a higher rate of alcoholism within the LGBT communities. I have seen a higher rate of problem drinking though. I would say it is about 15/85 ratio of alcoholism vs problem drinking.

    I think that the problem drinking is due to the fact we are treated differently by many in society. We do not have the same civil rights that are granted to the rest of society. In many places it is not a hate crime to harm/kill a LGBT person simply because they are LGBT but it is to do that to anyone because of their race. Our right to have our partner recognized as such, tax breaks, insurance (my partner has to pay $180 out of pocket for me to be on her insurance and she is taxed on that money as income and then again at tax time), fostering/adopting children, marrying, etc…. These rights are just basic rights other humans are afforded. Many LGBT are tortured by bullies at very young ages. Suicide rates are higher in our communities. The basic feeling that we are accepted as human beings alone can easily encourage a person to drink to escape from it. Another factor is gay bars are a primary place to meet GLBT. This also encourages alcohol use/abuse.

    I know that I was born gay. At the age of 5 a teacher recognized it and sent a note home on my report card. All of my childhood friends from when I was young knew I was gay. Even after losing touch with them for 30 some years when I came out to them as an adult they were not surprised in the least and wondered why it took me so long to figure it out since they always knew. But I guess that is a topic for another thread. I am also an alcoholic and believe that I was born susceptible to it as multiple people in my genetic history are and have been alcoholics. It runs rather rampant through my family history.

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