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    If you are here to read this,
    think of those who aren’t….
    Think of their great sarifice.
    Mel Ash

    For every one of us who has recovered from addiction, there are dozens who have gone mad or died or who have denied their dreams. Some have survived merely to lead, in Henry David Thoreau’s words, “lives of quiet desperation.”

    When we think of the sickness, suffering, and despair of those who have died or who are still active in their addictions, our response need not be moreal judgement, survivors’s guilt, or denial. We an feel compassion for them as well as for those—including ourselves—on whom their lives have had an impact. We can acknowledge that others have been a part of our own path to reovery and thank them in our hearts. We can recognize how littel separates our lives from theirs. We can appreciate life’s fragility and riskiness, rejoice in the freedom recovery affords, and commit ourselves to becoming all we can be in the time we’ve been given. We an enfold those who still suffer in the love and warmth of our thoughts, praying that they achieve peace.

    Today, I feel my connection to all those who are suffering, and I pray for their well-being. —-Glad Day meditations by Joan Larkin

    I needed this reminder today. I am grateful that today I am able to remember those who are suffering as well as those who did not survive. I am one of the fortunate ones.

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