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    aband’on: desert; give up altogether–n, freedom from inhibitions—abandoned: deserted, forsaken, uninhibited; wiked

    I was pregnant (17 weeks) when my husband died, suddenly, and my son was only 10 months old….

    :gaahI am feeling it now the abondonment issues….everyone up and left me to grieve because “i was hard to handle” was the excuse…

    all of MY friend and HIS friends(and family) and OUR friends together…LEFT…no good bye, just never came around after i buried him…

    I feel so alone, and abandoned…i never had to deal with these feelings before…its been 9 years….

    ran into his best friend, to whom i have not seen in YEARS…we where good friends…HE has his life…they all have their lives with their spouses…I just feel all LEFT OUT….

    I thought i dealt with this…maybe not?…:a108:

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