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    I’m on Topamax for my anxiety. It’s used off label and it’s helping. I’m able to sleep through the night most of the time. I also have 1/4 mg xanax for times when my anxiety is really bad. I very seldom use that; only when I’m having a panic attack.

    I recently went back on Wellbutrin. I’m on 200 mg for depression. Extreem stress brought about due to a work situation.

    Anyway, my pdoc and counselors all say that I should go on more meds for anxiety. I am hesitant.

    In the past, I was totally stoned out on psyche drugs. I have no intention of going there again. Since I’m already on two anxiety drugs, why would I need any more?

    The counselors knew me when I was stoned out and fully understand my concerns. I told the pdoc about it. I doubt she completely understands exactly how stoned out I was – I was unable to function at all, and told to go on disability! But, she is aware; I told her and told her she could talk to my counselors too. At the very least, she is aware of my fears of going back there.

    I don’t know. I don’t *feel* that anxious. But, they are obviously seeing something for all of them to say the same thing. I am crying alot. And I do bounce my leg while I’m sitting. I just don’t want to get messed up again. And I’m afraid of that.

    Any thoughts?


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