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    Maybe it’s just me, but i’m 24 years old…I know i’m an adult and not 16 anymore, but with every aspect (online, past meetings etc), literally everybody I have ran into was generally 35+ years of age… age is just a number and doesn’t phase/bug me if we’re just talking especially over the computer of if you really absolutely NEED somebody to talk too…. and it is hard to describe this in hopes of not offending the older users here…

    but do any of you younger people in recovery ever feel you’re the only around doing it? i know in reality it isn’t true, but i’m talking in your actual physical world. as far as, friends in real life, no internet/computer. people your age. maybe i’m just ranting a bit, not even sure if this belongs in this thread…but especially with recovery from alcohol, it seems like it is a lot more scarce of younger people and sometimes it just bugs me. i mean this all in a way that revolves OUTSIDE and off the internet…not on this site or such. I’m talking in terms of day to day life not typing away. It is awesome and great to have this site and the internet as a resource, but it just gets pretty damn lonely if you don’t mind me being point blank. Finding people my age to talk to is a big battle for sure.

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