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    Do anyone believe that once an addict NOT always an addict. I just believe in change and overcoming addictions. I was addicted to oxycontin for a year, im only five months clean but i feel i am no longer an addict. I know people say be conscious and aware and trust me i am. I just do not think its healthy for me to believe that i have this disease and relapse is nevitable if i do not go to twelve step meetings. I know alot of people who were hooked on oxys and quit becquse of major events that took place in their lives with oxys. I never had a problem with any drugs before oxys and i became hooked on them. So how could i have this disease that i was supposedly born with(as told to me by my addiction doctor] if i tried and did not have trouble with any other addictive substances. Not bashing aa or the steps i just am personally not interested in them or a disease whih offers absolutely no physical evidence of a disease going on in my body. Not trying o get anyonemad just trying to see if anyone agrees with me. Peac to everyone

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