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Am I catching an AA resentment?2019-03-23T21:39:14-08:00
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    Hi. I’ve been in recovery for 6 months now and this time I’ve actually starting doing the necessary work to get clean. Although, lately I feel like I’m getting a resentment against AA. Here is why.

    I don’t like that people are sometimes pushed away because of drug addiction that come into AA. Alcohol is a drug. Why isn’t it? Because its Legal? Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands so does that make it not a drug? Or is it because its a liquid? GHB is a liquid so is that not a drug? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I feel its more based on ignorance and they have to support the common welfare of the group but its hurting a new generation coming into AA (like myself)

    I feel like AA instills Guilt into people, like putting so much emphasis on time and people start to compete who has a better concept of God or How different there concept is. I feel like I’ve been getting pulled into the bullshit of AA, instead of supporting the reason why we are there in the first place.

    For example. I don’t agree with smoking Marijuana in recovery because I believe it can take you to a dangerous place like a relapse on Alcohol or harder drugs. But at the same time, I feel like if someone in recovery did, they would have it built up in there head that they are a failure, they’ve lost all the time, they’ve lost all there spirituality, and in reality they really haven’t lost anything yet. Maybe they are on there way there if they feel the need to use a mind altering substance in the first place but they should feel comfortable to come back and say “Listen, I smoked, and I need help finding out why” I’ve seen so many people push themselves away from the program because of that. I’ve seen people push themselves away from the program because they were only going to 2 meetings a week and felt like they were going to be criticized. I don’t know, maybe its just me.

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