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    I have always had anxietey issues for as long as i can remember. Growing up my home would have people and party everyweekend. I would climb out my window and leave when people started coming and later climb back in when i knew my dad checked and thought i was not home. There is much more to it than that though. I am generally ok with one on one once i get use to a person. I am also comfortable at work. Work seems to be my shield as it is controlled and i can get away from any thing uncomfortable. Not to say that work is totally comfortable but very comf at work.
    Get this, I can deal with thousands of people at work. My last two years of work were for Six Flags and i had just stepped into a management position then Katrina hit and ruined that.

    I have not gone back to work since the storm. I can be very reclusive but yet i can get out to shop and take picturesd n stuff. Most times ok other times not wanting to look at people and sunglasses help. Things have become worse for me now and the thought of going out to find work scares the hell outta me and i can shake or sweat and then stop thinking about it.

    I can’t keep this up or i will go broke and lose my home in a year or two. I am aware i need help and started the process with my general MD.

    He started treating me with wellbutrin 150 mg. I did not feel anxiuos or nervous but at 10pm that night i layed down and just layed there with no sleep till 6am. That was unacxeptable. They then gave me a two week sample of 10 mg lexipro one a day. It seemed to be ok as far as side effects for about a week but on the second week they caught up and i could no longer sleep, never wanted to eat, increased anxiety and just stuffy funky head feeling. I took lexi for 29 days and decided it was not for me. I am now getting off lexipro by doing the one everyother day for a week.

    I realized i am in a cycle that maybe i will just keep trying things till i find the right one. Not so happy with that. I thought maybe i should see a psych to get a more detailed evaluation by starting the story from the beginning cause i think i have two or three diff probs like GAD or SAD plus hyperactivity or panick attacks due to the others. Whereas i talked to my doctor for 15 minutes and then he just started treating me for GAD with anti depress.

    Does this seem right? should i just stick with finding something that does not affect me in a bad way or go to psych for more detailed eval, then try whatever the psych suggest. or would i still go through a bunch of anti depress till i hit the right one anyway?

    Any suggestions would be great. I am frustrated now. i have lived with this all my life and i am tired of just dealing with it and want treatment.
    I am not depressed or suicidal and never have been. I just get down now and then when i think of how much better things could have been if i tried to get treatmen earlier.

    Forgive my spelling and grammar. i hate typing and did this quick and just sending to get out quickly.
    By the way, i am 46 now. Always spent lots of time by myself and have always only had very few select friends.

    Thanks for listening

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