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    I’ve been suffering from chronic anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life. I have trouble with attending social events and the social anxiety was the demise of my longest relationship of over 6 years. I was fearful and pretty much I used alcohol in every situation I was social in.

    I’m an alcoholic also now sober for 7 weeks. Since stopping the drinking my anxiety is easier to manage. I’ve done everything I could to combat my anxiety issues, CBT, counsellors, doctors, psychologists, addiction specialists, psychiatrists, meditation, breathing exercisers, reading anxiety books. I have tried everything.

    My worst panic attack had me literally shaking and unable to get on a train. I thought I was going to die, have a heart attack or have some sort of seizure with the anxiety thoughts in my head.

    What has worked for me the best is getting on anti-depressants. They have saved my life and although my anxiety is not completely gone it is way better. I just wish I had stuck with them earlier but was put off with the side affects. I was told that anxiety and depression were closely linked and that the anti-depressants would help treat the anxiety issues in my life and they were right.

    I feel that I should share this with everyone because I have felt like everyone on this board in regards to anxiety and panic and some stage. Talk to your doctor about anti-deppressants it has been the best thing ever for me. I can get on in life a whole lot better and that constant worrying is at an all time low.

    When I was sober around 6 days my doctor upped the anti-depressants and now I”m on day 49 and I’m cruising along now. Hope this post can help you guys out because I know how each and everyone of you feel.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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