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    I woke up Saturday morning to do a day of weddings. Weddings are physically and mentally tiring but I enjoy doing them. It’s fun and stressful in a good way. It pays well, and I would probably do it for a lot less ;). Anyways, I had a stomach in the morning. During the first wedding I felt just a weee bit nauseous…at the beginning of the ceremony I made a small mistake which caused my tongue to “tingle” and get that feeling as though a battery touched it…something that happens suddenly when I get stressed in a bad way without warning. Anyways, that feeling went away quickly, but so did my stomachache…so I was kinda happy. BUT it came back and I was feeling like I had a headache radiating up from my stomach. After 2 more morning weddings it was lunch time. I couldn’t eat (Which is very unusual for me). During the second afternoon lesson this is what happened, as best as I can describe: A felt a wave of slight anxiety for no reason, then my tongue started to get that feeling, a warm yet uncomfortable feeling went off in my stomach and radiated up through my body down into my arms. Because I had experienced something similar last year I was able to manage the panic portion of it. For the rest of the day (Which was only one more wedding) I was fine as far as work went. When I got home I was WEAK…I mean, I didn’t want to move. I couldn’t fathom going to the store for dinner or anything. I just crashed on the sofa. When my wife called saying she was on her way home I almost didn’t answer because I was so weak. I answered and go her to get me some sports drink because I couldn’t eat. She took great care of me, massaged me, and did more than she had to do. I took my medicine to sleep, but it didn’t work to well. I woke up Sunday (Today) and had no work. A felt much better, but still under the weather. I went out to take some pictures but I just couldn’t get into a ‘mood’ to do anything.

    When my wife got home today she had some questions regarding English. I had trouble understanding what she was asking and the stomach pain came back. I think I’ve done something to my stomach so it’s off to the doctor tomorrow.

    PS: Also seem to have canker sores…which I usually don’t get.

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